US should overthrow the Iranian government, appeals Shah Reza Pahlavi, a descendant of the Iranian royal family

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Washington: Shah Reza Pahlavi, heir of the Iranian royal family who has taken asylum in the United States appealed, “There will not be a slightest deviation in the stand of the Iranian government because of the harsh sanctions imposed by the United States. If the United States wants a change in the Iranian attitude, it will have to bring about a change in the government.” Pahlavi suggested that the United States should carry out a controlled political explosion in Iran to achieve this. The significance of the Pahlavi appeal increases against the background of the anti-government demonstrations being held in Iran.


Shah Reza Pahlavi supported the sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump against Khamenei-Rouhani regime in Iran for its nuclear program, missile manufacture, support for terrorist organisations and human rights violations. Pahlavi accepted that these sanctions were affecting the Iranian economy. But Pahlavi clarified that this will not be enough to overthrow the government in Iran. Pahlavi presented his stand about Iran while speaking at a meeting of the study group, ‘The Washington Institute for Near East Policy’. 

Pahlavi claimed that it will not take a long time for the Iranian government to collapse. But Pahlavi said that this will not be achievable by exerting international or economic pressures. At the same time, Pahlavi pointed out that the United States will not have the democracy they desire in Iran even with bloodshed in Iran. It is necessary to hold talks with the Iranian people and leaders opposed to the government in Iran and spread all around the world. Pahlavi presented a plan that the Iranian Khamenei-Rouhani regime can be overthrown with help from the Iranian people and opposition.

Pahlavi demanded Iran to have a secular government only if a controlled political explosion is carried out with help from the Iranian people and the opposition, rocking the extremist government in Iran. The new Iranian government coming to power through non-violent methods will be a true friend of the United States, Israel and the Arab countries. Iranian people will be the representatives of this change. But for this, the Iranian people should get a decisive support at the international level.

The United States and allies provided moral, financial and political support to the South African population for its anti-apartheid policies. The United States had increased the pressure on Soviet Russia by standing firmly behind the workers agitation in Poland. Pahlavi clarified the expectations from the Trump administration referring to these two incidents. Pahlavi also referred to the statement of Dr. Martin Luther King, “We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Pahlavi suggested that the United States should instead of negotiating with the Iranian government, should join hands with the Iranian people and groups opposed to the Iranian government. Pahlavi also said that the United States and the United Kingdom should use the radio and other media broadcasted in Iran for this purpose.

Before the Islamic revolution in 1979, the Shah royal family was ruling Iran. Thereafter, Ayatollah Khomeini with the help of the extremists overthrew the Shah rule. Shah Reza Pahlavi the sole heir of the Shah Royal Family and son of the dethroned king Mohammed Reza Pahlavi took asylum in the United States.

Meanwhile, it is claimed that the study group, ‘The Washington Institute for Near East Policy’ has very good relations with President Trump. This increases the importance of the proposals presented by Pahlavi from this platform.

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