UN Security Council warns North Korea of new sanctions

United Nations/Moscow: By carrying out the tests on the ballistic missiles, North Korea has attempted to destabilize the Korean sector and made a joke of the United Nations Security Council’s regulations. The United Nations Security Council indicated that an instigating act of this nature would invite sanctions against North Korea. Likewise, North Korea should not conduct nuclear or missile testing again was the request from the Security Council.


A special meeting of the United Nations Security Council was called to discuss the missile tests carried out by North Korea two days  previously. In this meeting, China who has been a major provider to North Korea was urged not to provide anything to North Korea. The Security Council made it clear that those were the last sanctions, hence forth harsh measures would be applied to North Korea.  

China too, while criticizing North Korea’s missile testing upheld  the demand that the Korean territory should be nuclear free. China insisted that although  the nuclear programme of North Korea could be halted, other countries too, in the region should  be nuclear-free. In the context of North Korea’s nuclear programme, the news that US too has been accumulating nuclear bombs in South Korea has been published last month. China it seems has made this accumulation of nuclear bombs by US the target.  

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin too, expressed his displeasure at North Korea’s missile tests.  Putin criticized saying, that the missile after testing fell in the maritime borders of Russia and that particular test had been dangerous. However, while criticizing the tests he was firm that North Korea should not be instigated. This may only add to North Korea’s problems said the Russian President.

In spite of all these indications coming from US and its allied nations, North Korea yet again, has announced another missile test. 

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