North Korea will have to face terrible attacks if any threat is caused to the US

Washington/Seoul : The US President Donald Trump in a stern reply to North Korea said that the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-un has gone beyond his limits in threatening the US. It would be in the interest of North Korea henceforth  not to threaten the US. Or else North Korea will have to face gruesome attacks which the World has not experienced so far. North Korea’s  reaction to this warning of Trump has been that it will destroy the US’s military base ‘Guam’ in the Asia Pacific Ocean by its missiles.


The US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson announced a few hours back that although the United Nations had imposed restrictions on North Korea, the US is willing to resolve the issue through a dialogue. He further stated, that discussions are possible provided North Korea halts the missile tests. Russia also had welcomed the dialogue proposal given by the US. However, North Korea has been adamant over its stand against US and South Korea. Likewise, North Korea has been giving indications of mounting attacks on US, which has incited to bring about sanctions against  them.

The US President in his verbal drubbing criticised North Korea that in spite of the proposal of dialogue North Korea should threaten US with attacks. President Trump warned, that North Korea should stop this bluff.

However, the warning of the US President does seem to have  caused any effect on North Korea. The North Korean Government has  openly threatened to carry attacks on the Guam Island of US. South Korea has been claiming that the Guam Island, having a population of 1.75 lakhs is within the reach of its medium range ballistic missiles. Guam is the main military base of the US in the Asia Pacific region and a fleet of US Bomber aircrafts are stationed at this site. Just last month, the Bomber planes from Guam Island had carried out vigilance over the oceanic region of the ‘East as well as the South China Sea’.

Given this background, it seems likely that North Korea has warned to attack Guam Island. North Korea warned that if US should persist in instigating further, then a total war could be declared.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s warning could be viewed against  the unfolding of some events of the past few hours. Military experts in the US have claimed that the Intercontinental ballistic missile launched last week by North Korea can target  cities in US. North Korea has acquired technology which can equip short range missiles with nuclear explosives. Hence North Korea can at any time declare nuclear war against the US, a leading daily in Japan has claimed.

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