Turkey’s President to visit Russia

Ankara/ Moscow: In an initiative to improvise relations with Russia, Turkey’s President , Erdogan, will meet President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Russia. Also, ‘Russia is a strategic partner of Turkey’ declaring this Turkey has given significance to its relation with Russia. On the background of Turkey’s failed military coup attempt and the criticism faced by Turkey from the US along with other Western countries, Erdogan’s Russia’s visit proves to be important.


Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Şimşek visited Russia. Since last ten months, this was the first high level ministerial meeting of Turkey with Russia. Şimşek met the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich during his visit. Both the governments of these nations clarified that this visit was made to discuss the timetable and planning for the Turkish President Erdogan. The relation between Turkey and Russia is more than friendship, said Şimşek.

Turkey’s President erdogan-putin‘Not only that Russia is a friend, but a strategic partner too’. We are meeting here to reduce the tension and to increase the cooperation between the two nations since November 24’, informed Şimşek. Also, he added that to extend this cooperation extensively, Turkey’s President Erdogan will visit Russia and will meet Russian President Vlamidir Putin at St. Petersburg. President Putin has discussed the visit of Turkish President with the Russian Defence Council.

Russia and Turkey has relations since many years. But last year on November 24, Turkey’s plane downed a Russian fighter jet which was patrolling over Syria’s airspace to execute action against IS. Thereafter, tension was created between the relations of Turkey and Russia. Both the nations alleged each other of flaring a war in Syria. Russia too provided evidences that Turkey supports IS in Syria. Thus, the relations were further strained.

However, in last month President Erdogan apologized for downing Russia’s plane by sending a letter to President Putin. Also, he was ready to compensate. Russia too accepted the apology and showed a gree signal to normalize bilateral ties. On this background, Erdogan will meet Putin during his visit to Russia.

Meanwhile, since last two weeks, tensions have created between the relations of Turkey, US and allies. The US and EU are discontent on the action executed on the rebels of Turkey following Turkey’s failed military coup attempt. Due to this action, Turkey has been threatened to exit the NATO and no entry in the EU. Turkey too is issuing warnings of spoiling the relations with the US. On the background of these events, Erdogan’s visit to Russia proves important.

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