Turkey begins attacks on Syrian army

Damascus: Turkey has started its attacks on the Syrian army and its support groups that are stationed the northern part of ‘Afrin’. In spite of the Turkish attacks, the Syrian army is continuing deployment of more units in the Afrin region, claim the international organisations. It is claimed that the Syrian army is being deployed in ‘Afrin’ to protect the Kurds. By attacking this army and the Syrian supporters, Turkey seems to have opened one more front of conflict.


turkey, syria, kurdsThe vehicles loaded with the Syrian army and its supporters, started entering ‘Afrin’ in the northern region. The exact number of the Syrian army personnel is not known. There are soldiers belonging to the ‘National Defence Forces’ (NDF), a pro-Assad group seen along with the Syrian army. Syrian government has avoided to comment on this. But, the locals have claimed that the Syrian army has been deployed in Afrin.

While the Syrian army was entering Afrin, the Turkish tanks started attacks on the Kurdish locations in this region. The Turkish army was carrying out attacks on the pro-Assad group, the NDF. The news agency ‘SANA’ informed that these Turkish attacks had continued till Wednesday morning. The assessment was not available about the damage these attacks caused to the Syrian army and its supporters, in Afrin.

Since the last month, Turkey has opened a front against the Kurdish rebels in Afrin. Turkey started this action alleging that the Syrian Kurds are aiding the Kurdish terrorist organisation ‘PKK’ in Turkey. Syrian Kurds have dismissed these allegations. At the same time, the Kurds established a joint front along with the Assad regime, to repel the Turkish attacks. Recently, a Kurdish leader had announced that the Syrian army was going to help them in the fight against Turkey. Turkey had reacted very strongly to this.

Russia should stop the Syrian army from entering Afrin or else there will be repercussions, warned Turkey just a few hours ago. The Turkish President, Erdogan had issued this warning while talking on the phone with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Within a few hours, Turkey had initiated attacks against the Syrian army and its supporters in ‘Afrin’.

The Kurds from Syria, Iraq and Armenia are trying to come together to create Kurdistan. The Turkish Kurds are also getting involved in the struggle and Turkey is worried about losing a major part of its land. The Turkish leaders are accusing the United States and Israel of assisting the Kurds. In view of this, Turkey is trying to stop the Kurds by attacking right inside Syria.

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