President Trump claims of an attack on the Southern US border; makes his stance on Mexico Wall more aggressive

Third World WarWashington: The situation on the southern US border with Mexico is very critical, and also the border was under attack, claimed US president Trump. President Trump recently visited Mexico and presented the issue of “Mexico Wall” very aggressively while speaking to the reporters after the visit. Claiming the attack on the wall, he also asserted that the menace of criminal gangs, smugglers, drug traffickers could be controlled once the wall is built.


Recently, President Trump had presented his stance regarding the US-Mexico border, in front of the US public. “The situation on the southern US border has become difficult. Every day, thousands of migrants try to infiltrate into the United States through it. Denying them entry has become a big challenge for the US agencies. There is no place in the United States for illegal migrants. It has become difficult to deport the migrants who have already entered the country,” Trump drew national attention.

President trump, southern US border, mexico wallFollowing that, US President Donald Trump had issued a stern warning that if the Democrat party did not approve the requisite funds for building the Mexico Wall, an emergency would be declared to build the Mexico Wall. The Democrat party has not mellowed down its stance even after this, and therefore, Trump has started making his stand more aggressive. The statement made over the situation on Mexico border to be aggressive seems to be a part of the same strategy.

Meanwhile, the shutdown started in the United States owing to the Mexico Wall issue, has completed 22 days. Therefore, this is precisely the longest shutdown in the history of the United States. The connected sources informed that nearly 800,000 US employees had not received their salaries due to shutdown. Also, Trump gave a warning last week that the partial shutdown could last for months or even years if the funds for the Mexico Wall were not sanctioned.

President Trump had demanded to fund USD 5 billion for the Mexico Wall, in the Federal Spending Bill, presented to the US Congress in 2018. The Democrat party completely dismissed this demand. Because of the persistent opposition of the Democrat party, to the Mexico wall funding, the Federal Spending bill could not be passed in the Congress, resulting in the shutdown.

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