Former US President Donald Trump criticises ‘Liberal Media’

Washington – Former US President Donald Trump slammed the US ‘Liberal Media’ in a ‘Live Stream’ during a function organised in Wisconsin. Trump attacked all those who denied the accusations levelled by him. He said that whatever I have said is becoming true now. Hydroxychloroquine has proved effective against Coronavirus. Information is surfacing that the Coronavirus originated from the Chinese laboratory.


Donald Trump,Liberal Media,Hydroxychloroquine works,Lab leak theory,chinese Virus,Hunter Biden,Fake news,Crime of the century,Lindsey GrahamThe accusation that Biden has interests linked to China and his son’s laptop details is true. But ignoring that, the media upheld the allegation that Russia helped Trump win the elections. The press who were targeting Trump had accused that Russia is funding the Taliban to kill US soldiers. But it was proved to be fake news. Trump drew the attention of the US population to all these issues, making them aware of the media conspiracy against him.

The former US President also fired a salvo at the Biden administration over the immigrant issue. Trump claimed ‘The border security policies adopted during my tenure were important and successful.’ Trump made some more vitriolic criticism ‘The US border which had become secure for once in the US history, has become most threatening and dangerous, today. Huge hauls of narcotics are coming into the United States; human trafficking has also started on the border.’

The campaign for the elections to the House of Representatives of the US Congress, to be held in the next year, has started. Trump addressed a rally in Wisconsin through ‘Live Streaming’ as part of the campaign. At this time, he fired rounds of criticism at the Liberal Media and the Biden administration. Against this very background, Trump also reiterated the accusation that there were malpractices in the 2020 Presidential elections in the emails sent to his supporters.

In the email, Trump has referred to the 2020 elections as ‘Crime of the Century.’ At the same time, Trump made an insistent demand that the US law department soon have to decide to investigate the malpractices during these elections. Meanwhile, a Liberal journalist in the United States has confessed that they made a mistake by denying the claims made by Trump that Coronavirus originated from China. Senior US Senator Lindsay Graham attacked that the campaign run by these journalists in the past affected the result of the US elections. Graham said that if the media had carried the true reports, Trump would still have been the United States president.

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