Malaysia can flareup owing to Chinese aggression, international analysts claim

Taipei – Ten days ago, 16 Chinese airplanes attempted intrusion into the Malaysian airspace. The Malaysian air force expelled the airplanes from its airspace. After that, Malaysia summoned the Chinese Ambassador, using harsh language. Malaysia did not allow the issue to fester further, keeping the Chinese investments in view. International analysts claim that if China continues with such aggression, the anger brewing in Malaysia will erupt.


Malaysian anger,china's aggression,China violates Malaysias airspace,China trading partner,Ackbal Bin Haji Abdul SamadSince the last 12 years, Malaysia is the leading trading partner of China. China has made huge investments in Malaysian infrastructure projects. Incidents of intrusion by Chinese patrol vessels and fishing boats in the Malaysian marine limits, taking undue advantage of this cooperation, have been reported in the past. But unlike the Philippines and Vietnam, Malaysia did not show any diplomatic or military aggression against China over the Chinese intrusions.

At the beginning of this month, Malaysia lost its temper after 16 Chinese airplanes intruded into the Malaysian airspace. Malaysia sent its airplanes to issue a warning to the Chinese airplanes. Malaysia delivered a clear message to the Chinese Ambassador ‘Having friendly relations with a country on a diplomatic level does not mean we will compromise on the country’s sovereignty.’ A demand for expulsion of the Chinese Ambassador also had come up in Malaysia.

To cover-up, China said that the airplanes were exercising in the area for routine training. Malaysia did not escalate the matter further. But Malaysia has initiated steps to increase military cooperation with the United States. In the coming times, if China again intrudes in the airspace or the marine region, Malaysia may not keep quiet for a long time. Analysts from the United States, Malaysia and Singapore claim that the discontent brewing in Malaysia could explode. Similar indications are also being received from Malaysia.

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