WHO director must resign for siding with China & pushing world into COVID-19 crisis, demands US Senator Martha McSally

Washington: Senior US Senator Martha McSally made a crushing accusation against Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO). McSally said that Ghebreyesus was a Communist and helped China hide information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the WHO, should be forced to resign from the post, Martha McSally demanded.


Coronavirus has claimed more than 11,000 lives in the United States while it recorded more than 350,000 cases. The US health organisations fear the pandemic would claim anywhere between one to two hundred thousand lives. While the Coronavirus is attaining dangerous proportions in the United States, the US President and lawmakers have started accusing China of being responsible for the crisis.

President Trump had made crushing criticism against China, holding it responsible for the crisis faced by the United States. Also, Trump had even accused the WHO of evidently favouring China. The accusations are gaining support in the United States. Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has also castigated China over the issue. Now, Senator Martha McSally has targeted the WHO director for protecting China.

Senator Martha McSally levelled the accusations saying that ‘Ghebreyesus is a Communist and he helped the Chinese government to manipulate the number of reported deaths in the Coronavirus pandemic to project a much lower number.’ McSally further added that ‘I will never trust any communist and neither should the United States. Thousands of people have died in the world because of their irresponsible behaviour. The United States must act against such a WHO chief and demand resignation from him.’

Two days ago, the WHO was scathingly criticised of having become the ‘China Health Organisation’. British lawmakers and senior Ministers also had expressed strong displeasure over the role of WHO, in handling the pandemic. Slowly and steadily, the demand for action against China and the WHO is gaining ground in the international community.

New information has surfaced, which claims that Ghebreyesus became the Director-General of WHO in 2017 because of China’s support. Before that, Ghebreyesus had been accused of suppressing the Cholera epidemic thrice while he was the Health Minister of Ethiopia. Further, Ghebreyesus initiated a spate of decisions favouring China, after taking over as the WHO Director-General. The United States had criticised his stand in this matter. Nevertheless, intense waves of anger have now risen against Ghebreyesus with accusations against him intensifying that the world was faced with the crisis because of his China-centric stand. The ire will certainly cause repercussions making evident that Ghebreyesus would have to face it soon.

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