India has overcome adverse impact of Brexit: Finance Minister Jaitley

New Delhi (PTI) : Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said that overcoming the adverse impacts on the world economy post ‘Brexit’, India has proved its economical capacity. Finance Minister further expressed his trust in the Indian economy saying that at the global level India has come forward as the safest place to invest.


India has overcome adverse impact of Brexit: Finance Minister Jaitley

Addressing the Lok Sabha Finance Minister Jaitley assured the House that RBI and SEBI, the regulatory authorities of the Indian banking sector and the stock market are taking proper precautions to keep the investments in India safe in the happenings post ‘Brexit’ and are constantly keeping an eye on the global events. 

‘Brexit’ had a very huge impact on the international money market. During this time, Indian rupee was devalued by 1% in just a single day. Sensex too dropped by 2% in a single day. As compared to this, the currencies of other countries got devalued for more than one week and the global share market was lethargic for many days. The stability and strength of the Indian economy was proved in these tough times too and thus the Indian economy is proving safe for the international investors, confided Jaitley.   

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