US issues stern warning to North Korea over missile tests

US issues stern warning to North Korea over missile tests
US Secretary of State, John Kerry

Vientiane (News Agency) : ‘If North Korea doesn’t stop its nuclear and missile testing program it will have to face severe consequences’, warned US Secretary of State John Kerry. Amidst this warning by the US Secretary of State, China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi had a meeting with North Korea’s Foreign Minister.


Recently in Laos the South East Asian countries concluded the ASEAN nations meeting. This meeting was attended by foreign ministers and representatives of Foreign Affairs Ministries of US, Russia, China, India, Australia, Japan, North Korea and South Korea. During this meeting, US Secretary of State Kerry criticized North Korea’s provocative actions. “North Korea’s nuclear program is of a serious concern for all countries in the world and they have taken a stand that North Korea should stop this nuclear program. And therefore if North Korea doesn’t sensibly stop its action, it will have to bear severe consequences” warned Mr Kerry.

US issues stern warning to North Korea over missile tests

US Secretary of State indicated that North Korea’s nuclear program and missile testings is not an issue of limited concern to the Korean region but also dangerous for international peace and security. Kerry also suggested that North Korea should consider Iran as a role model. “Iran abandoned the production of nuclear weapons to lift the UN sanctions imposed on it. Similarly North Korea should follow Iran and stop the production of nuclear weapons” said Kerry.

South Korea’s Foreign Minister, Yun Byung-se who was present at this meeting supported the US stand. “This is the right time to convey a strong message in appropriate and clear terms to North Korea. North Korea should get a clear message that the alliance of US, South Korea and other nations is stronger and more comprehensively opposed to North Korea” said Byung-se. North Korea’s foreign minister ‘Ri Yong Ho’ attended this meeting for the first time.

After US and South Korea’s warning to North Korea, China’s Foreign Minister had a meeting with North Korea’s foreign minister. The details of this meeting between the two foreign ministers have not been released.

In recent months North Korea is on a spree to test ballistic nuclear missiles. As a response to these missile tests by North Korea, US has started deploying ‘THAAD’ anti-missile systems in South Korea. US has announced that six such ‘THAAD’ systems will be deployed in the coming years. However China and Russia have strongly opposed the deployment of ‘THAAD’ systems by the US in South Korea. China has also warned that after the deployment of ‘THAAD’ systems by US in South Korea if there is a war between the two Koreas, then China will support North Korea in it.

In this scenario, US warning to North Korea and the meeting between foreign ministers of China and North Korea is considered to be significant.

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