There should be no issues in supply of Corona vaccines, India urges the UN

United Nations: – India has supplied more vaccines to the world than the numbers used for the people in the country. India warned the United Nations that if the Corona vaccine is not provided to the developing countries and there is discrimination on this front, it will have an adverse effect on the unity in the war against the Coronavirus. The Indian representative in the United Nations, K Nagaraj Naidu, made the developed countries, which are refusing to supply the vaccine to poor and underdeveloped countries, realise the situation in frank words.   

covaxinThe developed countries are at loggerheads with each other over the Corona vaccine issue. The United States and European countries are desperately trying to build more and more stocks of vaccines for their populations. This has aggravated the situation in poor and underdeveloped countries. The United Nations has warned that the Corona crisis will attain dangerous proportions in these developing countries if the problem continues. But this has had little or no effect on the United States and the European countries. These countries have also dismissed the appeals to open the patent for these vaccines.   

In this situation, India has supplied the vaccine developed in the country to poor and underdeveloped countries. The Indian demand is that the vaccine should be provided to every nation, out of the 180 members of the United Nations, without discrimination. Taking the initiative in this respect, India has gone ahead with the Coronavirus vaccine supply to more than 70 countries. Sharing this information, Indian representative K Nagaraj Naidu reprimanded the developed countries.   

India will be vaccinating nearly 300 million of its population involved in the fight against the Corona pandemic in the next six months. Naidu clarified that India has supplied many more vaccines to the world than used in India. Naidu expressed the Indian expectation that the poor and underdeveloped countries should be provided with vaccines without discrimination. Naidu warned that there could not be any disparity in the vaccine supply as this will affect the war against Coronavirus.   

Naidu also warned that the current disparity in Corona vaccine supply is dangerous for the united war against the Coronavirus. The Indian Vaccine Friendship initiative is being welcomed all around the globe. The citizens of the countries receiving the vaccine from India are expressing heartfelt gratitude towards India. This is significantly increasing the Indian influence on the international level. The Corona vaccine has become, in a way, a political currency, and it is being claimed that India is using it very effectively. Talks are also rife that China has been worst hit by this Indian campaign. 

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