Taiwan’s fighter planes hover over Chinese warship

Taipei : After China’s aircraft carrier warship ‘Liaoning’ entered the territories of Taiwan while returning from its war drills in the South China Sea, Taiwan dispatched ‘F-16’ fighter planes and destroyers to surveil the activities of the Chinese warship.

Taiwan’s fighter planes hover over Chinese warship

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry issued information about China’s ‘Liaoning’ having entered into Taiwan’s territory. Though China’s aircraft carrier warship has not done any instigating activities, the activities of this warship are being watched seriously, stated the Defense Ministry of Taiwan.

Defense Ministry spokesman Chen Chung-chi informed that the fighter aircrafts and destroyers were dispatched to surveil the activities of the Chinese warship and to keep the situation under control so as to ensure that no tensions of any kind develop within the territories of Taiwan. The Defense Ministry of Taiwan also appealed to its citizens to maintain calm over the proceedings.

The President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen is presently touring the Central American nations. President Tsai had halted in the US prior to the start of the tour. Moreover, President Tsai had met a few influential American leaders and Senators. Against this background, some analysts in Taiwan are claiming that China is challenging the security of Taiwan’s maritime territory and airspace.

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