Indian Army to add 10,000 more troops to Mountain Strike Corps at LAC

New Delhi: The 11th round of talks has started between India and China to resolve tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. Before this, reports stated that China initiated construction close to the LAC. China is carrying out construction on a large scale near the LAC, not only in Ladakh but also in Arunachal Pradesh. The defence ministry said that India is closely monitoring Chinese activities. Against this background, the report received states that the 17 Mountain Strike Corps of the Indian Army will get additional 10000 soldiers.


Special Army unit of 10,000 soldiers to be deployed on LACThe decision to allow 10,000 additional soldiers to the 17 Mountain Strike Corps, responsible for India-China LAC security, becomes significant. In case war flares up with China, the 17 Mountain Strike Corps can launch an attack on China. Therefore, by increasing the strength of this special unit, India is answering China combatively as well. This will ensure the security of the LAC. The increased number of soldiers will speed up the military movements on the LAC. Moreover, this will better. India seems compelled to decide after the cowardly Chinese attack in the Galwan Valley that happened last year.

Meanwhile, talks started between the Indian and Chinese military officials at Chushul on the LAC in Ladakh. During the negotiation, India demanded that China withdraw its soldiers from the Gogra, Hot Spring and Depsang regions on the LAC in Ladakh. India has been persistently demanding that the LAC situation should be the same as it was before April 2020. India has cleared its stance that the tension between the two countries cannot be resolved without this.

If friendly relations and cooperation are expected from India, it is necessary to have friendship on the border. Indian Foreign Minister had clearly warned China that Indian cooperation could not be expected if tension prevails on the border. But China is making silly demands that India should keep the border issues aside and continue cooperating with China. At the same time, China is unwilling to stop its military activities on the LAC to supersede India. Mainly, because of the LAC tension, the entire world realised that India can ably confront a mighty country like China without any fear. Simultaneously, the fact that the Chinese soldiers were shivering in the Ladakh winter is also not hidden from the world. Therefore, China seems to be making efforts to jolt India on the military front to salvage the lost pride.

Therefore, former military officials warn that even if China withdraws its military, the Chinese military will not stop its misadventures on the LAC. At the same time, India seems to have sent a message that it will not stop short of any effort required to stop China by increasing the number of soldiers in the 17 Mountain Strike Corps. A day before this, photographs of Rafale fighter jets equipped with missiles carrying out sorties in the Ladakh airspace were published. India has delivered a message to China that India will not bow before any Chinese military pressures.

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