Chinese military completes withdrawal from Gogra at the Ladakh LAC

New Delhi: – After 15 months of tension, the Chinese Army withdrew its troops from Gogra, on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), in Ladakh. The Indian Army said that the Chinese military completed the withdrawal between August 4 and 5. The Indian Army has also withdrawn its deployment here. It is clarified that the armies of both countries have ensured mutual withdrawal through reconciliation. Although tensions in Gogra have eased, China has not yet withdrawn its deployment in Hot Springs and Depsang on the LAC in Ladakh. Also, while reports of this withdrawal from Gogra are being received, there are reports of China deploying troops and defence equipment by bullet train in Tibet. This is near the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh.  


The 12th round of talks between Indian and Chinese military officials was recently held to reduce tensions over the LAC in Ladakh. In this, China agreed to withdraw its troops from Gogra. Accordingly, between August 4 and 5, China withdrew its troops. The temporary structures erected by the Chinese Army in this area have also been removed. At the same time, India also has withdrawn its deployment from the area. The Indian Army said in a statement that the armies of both countries would ensure mutual withdrawal in a conciliatory manner. The Indian Army clarified that both countries had agreed on another sensitive issue, which could have led to a conflict. The Army has also indicated that it will discuss Hot Spring and Depsang soon.  

Meanwhile, after 15 months of tensions, China is forced to withdraw from LAC in Ladakh, which becomes significant. Former Indian military officials and analysts have long warned that China’s attempt to dominate the LAC through infiltration will boomerang. Former military officials said that the longer China tries to maintain the tension on the LAC in Ladakh, the more China will have to bear the brunt of humiliation.’ Even Indian statesmen warned that China would have no choice but to withdraw from the region, reaching a compromise without any gains. This inference is becoming a reality from the Chinese retreat from Gogra.  

Despite the news of the withdrawal from Gogra, China has not given up its efforts to incite India. China has begun transporting its troops and military equipment to Tibet, near the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh. For this transport, China used a bullet train running from Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, to Nyingchi. This exposes that China is making another attempt to exert pressure on India. 

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