Spanish Government’s oppression has resulted in a de facto state of emergency in Catalonia: Leader of Catalonia

Barcelona : Leader of Catalonia region of Spain while accusing the Spanish government said, “The Spanish Government has crossed all limits of oppression and has pushed Spain pushed an emergency-like situation by illegally dissolving the democratic government of Catalonia. This is not acceptable at all. This action of the Spanish government is a violation of basic rights.” A referendum on independence has been planned in the state of Catalonia on 1 October, 2017 despite of the Court deeming the referendum as unconstitutional. Tensions have spiked in Catalonia because of push for referendum by the local leaders. 


Spanish government

Catalonia, known to be the wealthiest state in Spain has seen the demand for its independence gathering pace in the last few years. On the background of the economic challenges of the European Union, Britain’s exit from the EU, and Donald Trump being elected as President of the United States of America, the Catalonia government has taken an aggressive posture. A few months ago, the local government had declared that the referendum planned in the next month will be very decisive for Catalonia.

Due to this declaration, the Spanish government was quite unsettled and are pursuing all efforts and options to stop the referendum process. Catalonia’s government refusing to paid heed to court’s orders has prompted the Spanish Prime Minister to start an aggressive operation. Spanish Government has deployed special security forces in Catalonia and have initiated detention of local government officials. 

On Wednesday, the security forces arrested Josep Maria Jové, the junior economy minister, along with thirteen other government officials. Prior to that more than a million pro-referendum posters and pamphlets were confiscated in Catalonia. Various local governmental offices were raided and people have been warned against participating in the referendum. However, the people of Catalonia have defied the oppression by the Spanish Kingdom and everyday thousands are participating in rallies in support of referendum.

Catalonia, a region of Spain is known as a region to have its own language and culture. After democracy was re-established in Spain in 1970, this region has always been dominated by local political groups. The people of Catalonia always claimed to have received inferior treatment by the Spanish Kingdom and it is believed the referendum is their way of getting back. Due to the economic problems in the European Union the demand for independence has gathered momentum. As per the observation of few analysts, the rejection of demand for larger share of Government spend for Catalonia by Spanish Government, has triggered the push for referendum. 

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