“President Trumps Afghan policy better than Obama’s” says Afghanistan President Ghani

New York : President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani claimed that U.S. President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan policy is better than that of Obama and it is going to be successful. Ghani stated that this would be possible owing to a strong Afghani army and the aggressive role against Pakistan. On the background of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Ghani had met President Trump. Then at an event President Ghani’s appreciation of Trump’s Afghan policy had called attention


Afghan policy

Few days ago, the US Defense Secretary James Mattis announced that more than 3,000 US troops left for Afghanistan. President Donald Trump declared that the current deployment of the forces has been made on the background of the new Afghan Policy. President Donald Trump had announced his Afghan Policy in the last month. Trump stated that he has deployed additional forces in Afghanistan owing to the resurgent threat of Taliban, ISIS and other terrorist organizations in the country; which could also pose a threat to US security.

US President Donald Trump clarified that they will retreat their army only after eliminating the terrorists from the region.  It was also suggested that NATO member nations should deploy additional troops for an anti-terrorism war in Afghanistan. In addition, Trump has appealed India to lend their support by deploying military in Afghanistan. Although the policy has received criticism from China and Pakistan, Afghanistan has welcomed Trump’s Afghan strategy.

“President Trump’s Afghan Policy is not a random declaration of any individual, it has received great cooperation from the masses. President of Afghanistan clarified that,” The Trump administration had introduced the policy after a long discussion with US, and it has been its major feature.’’ Ashraf Ghani claimed that while declaring the Afghan policy US President adopted ‘regional reconciliation’ and an aggressive outlook towards Pakistan, that made it different from President Obama’s policy.

Pakistan has been given a clear message of being involved in the ongoing efforts on the Afghan issue and becoming a responsible partner in this area. At the same time, Pakistan has been given a piece of mind to support the struggle against terrorism. Ghani stated that, ’The government of Afghanistan is inviting Pakistan to participate in the negotiations.’ Afghan President also warned that if Pakistan does not accept this opportunity, then it will have to pay a higher price.

Meanwhile, Russia has come up with a special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, who has discussed the issue with the US special envoy, Alice Wells. In this discussion, the Russian ambassador has informed that the US is ready to offer its cooperation to Russia on Afghan issues.

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