Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait recall their citizens from Lebanon.

Riyadh/ Dubai/ Kuwait: A diktat has been issued by the External Affairs Ministry of Saudi Arabia, to its citizens who are in Lebanon to avoid travelling to Lebanon and if already there to return back at the earliest. Saudi’s Foreign Affairs Ministry explained that the orders were issued in view of the situation in Lebanon. Following Saudi’s steps, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), likewise informed its citizens to leave Lebanon. These orders were issued after Iran’s indication to Saudi in the context of political turnabouts in Lebanon.



Last week, Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Saad Al-Hariri announced his resignation. Saad resigned perceiving threats to his life in Lebanon. He held Iran and the Hezbollah responsible for the prevailing situation in Lebanon. Saad further accused Iran of plotting to destroy Lebanon and the Arab nations with Hezbollah’s help.

After Saad’s resignation, there is no one in Lebanon, who can challenge the Hezbollah. Hence it is claimed that Hezbollah would seize this opportunity  to wrest power in Lebanon. It is said that if this happens, then explosive clashes may trigger in the Gulf. If Hezbollah takes the reigns of power in Lebanon, then strong reactions from Israel and Saudi are expected.

A few days back, Saudi Arabia had alleged that Lebanon had been held at ransom by the Hezbollah terrorists. Likewise, Saudi had warned Lebanon that by keeping Hezbollah in power and challenging Saudi Arabia’s security, Lebanon has declared a war against Saudi. Henceforth too, if Lebanon fails to act against the Iran supported Hezbollah, then they would expect a befitting reply from Saudis.  

Iran’s President Rohani warned Saudi after this. Making a reference to the decade of 1980’s, when a war was fought between Iran and Iraq, Rohani pointed out that Saudi and its friendly nations had experienced Iran’s might. He reminded, that US, Saudi Arabia and its friendly Arab nations together could not defeat Iran. Hence, Saudi should not now test the might of Iran. The tensions in the Gulf increased after this, and Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait too, issued orders to their citizens to leave Lebanon.

In the meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman of Israel had already accused Iran of preparing for a war against Israel with the help of Hezbollah. Israel had warned that in case of this eventuality, the military forces of Israel will march into Lebanon and attack Hezbollah. A few days back a newspaper daily in Israel had quoted that Israel would have full rights to conduct military actions in the Hezbollah controlled Lebanon. The daily further said that Israel, however, should harbour no illusions of an easy victory as war with Hezbollah at present may not be easy.

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