Responsible nations now realise Pakistan’s terrorism: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

New Delhi – Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that India has been vocal about Pakistan’s involvement in supporting violent, radical and terror groups for a long time. However, many responsible countries are now becoming aware of Pakistan’s role. Moreover, they now realise the need to join hands against the foreseen dangers.


India, Rajnath Singh, Indian Ministry of Defence, Pakistan, TerrorismDefence Minister Rajnath Singh while addressing the National Defence College Convocation ceremony, assured that India is taking severe cognisance of events happening around. India, on numerous occasions, has highlighted Pakistan’s role in supporting radical and terror groups. Many countries are now releasing the dangers of using terrorism for political advantage and the need to unite and collaborate against the lurking threat.

Rajnath Singh stated that the world is witnessing the destabilising effects of terror, like the fall of Afghanistan, where radical forces were attempting to gain legitimacy by creating new normal, which is shocking. India is prepared for a swift and befitting response in case of any threat to its sovereignty, as demonstrated in Galwan and Balakot.

Rajnath Singh’s statement seems to respond to Pakistan‘s Prime Minister’s speech in the UN, which was nothing more than a rant against India. Pakistan once again raised the Kashmir issue by claiming the people of the region were oppressed by India. Referring to some stray events, Pakistan made a laughable attempt to seek global attention. Using the Right to Reply, India’s secretary at the UN immediately responded to the meaningless allegations from Pakistan. India, in its reply, highlighted Pakistan’s terrorist-supporting policies, which refers to Osama Bin Laden as a martyr. India emphasised the safety concern of women and minorities in Pakistan. Hence any allegation made by Pakistan is only an attempt to divert the attention from its actions of terrorist-supporting policies.

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