Pakistan’s incitement of firing on the Indian borders will get a fitting reply, warns Home Minister Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: ‘The Indian policy is not to fire the first bullet. However, if someone fires at us, we will not be answerable for the consequences thereafter,’ were the words used by Indian Home Minister, Rajnath Singh to issue a warning to Pakistan. Pakistan has resorted to firing on the Jammu-Kashmir border since past six days. On Monday, an eight month old girl lost her life in this firing.


Against this background, Rajnath Singh issued this warning to Pakistan, while speaking at a program organised by the Border Security Force (BSF). The Home Minister added that the defence forces have complete freedom to retaliate in case there is firing from Pakistan’s side and that no explanation will be sought from them, for this.

Pakistan has violated ceasefire on 14 occasions in the last 6 days. The BSF is replying to this firing in equal measures. A few Pakistani bunkers were destroyed in the retaliatory attack by the BSF on Sunday. Reports say that a few Pakistani soldiers were also killed. Following this, Pakistan had completely surrendered before the Indian defence forces and had initiated communication to stop firing.

pakistan, home mister, rajnath singh, firing, indiaBut, just within a few hours of this incident, Pakistan resorted to firing and mortar attacks in the Arnia and Samba sectors. An eight month old girl was killed in this firing. 2 BSF soldiers and 5 civilians have been killed, and more than 18 injured in the last six days. Civilians from more than 100 villages near the border have been shifted to safer areas.

Central Home Minister, Rajnath Singh issued a stern warning to Pakistan while speaking at a function in Delhi. “India is a peace loving country and wishes to have good relations will all the countries. We believe in the concept – ‘The whole world is one family’. India has always made efforts for peace and friendship with its neighbours. But this neighbour is not willing to improve. It continues to carry out inciting activities. Still, the Indian policy is not to fire the first bullet. But if a bullet is fired at us, we will certainly not hold back. Nobody, then, should question India’s retaliatory actions”, warned the Central Home Minister.

“You are free to take any retaliatory action. Nobody will question you for it”, Central Home Minister Rajnath Singh told the BSF officers and soldiers present. The Home Minister clarified to the media that the Indian soldiers were giving a fitting reply to the incitement of the Pakistani firing on the border. The Central Home Minister informed that the process of building a smart fencing along the Pakistan and Bangladesh borders has been started and would be completed in the next few months.

The defence forces enquiries have revealed that the Pakistani soldiers have started using the Thermal Camouflage Suites to avoid detection by the thermal cameras installed by India on the border. On 18th May, a BSF soldier was injured near the international border in the R.S.Pura sector. The Indian soldiers deployed near the borders were shot at, from a very close distance in an attack at 1.30 am early morning. The investigation into this matter revealed the information about the Thermal Camouflage Suites.

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