QUAD naval exercises add to China’s concerns

New Delhi: ‘Malabar 2020’, the joint naval exercises of the QUAD countries, India, Japan, the United States and Australia have started. Leading warships and submarines form the QUAD countries are participating, in the first phase of the exercises, being conducted in the Bay of Bengal. Moreover, on Thursday, the Joint Command of Indian defence forces, at Andaman-Nicobar Islands also held special exercises. China has become too restless with these exercises that are being conducted in the Bay of Bengal and near the Strait of Malacca. The mouthpiece of the Chinese communist government accused that these exercises are being held with the crooked objective of isolating China. Whereas, the Chinese foreign ministry has expressed hope that these exercises will not increase instability in the region.

QUAD naval exercises add to China's concernsThese exercises are being held at some distance from the Indian Ocean and the Strait of Malacca. The exercises will be held in two phases; the in the first phase exercises focus of establishing coordination among the navies of the QUAD members India, Japan, the United States and Australia and to face marine challenges. Along with destroyers Ranvijay, Shivalik, Sukanya and Shakti, the Sindhuraj submarine also is participating from the Indian side. Leading US warship USS John McClane, Australian HMAS Ballarat and Japanese Onami are participating in the exercises. P8-I and Dornier aircraft and Sea King helicopters from the Indian Navy are also participating. Whereas, aircraft carriers from India, Japan and the United States will be participating in the second phase of exercises, to be held in the Arabian Sea.

While these exercises are being held in the Bay of Bengal, the Indian defence forces held independent was exercised on the Andaman-Nicobar Islands. In the exercises, all the three wings of the defence forces demonstrated their coordination. The exercises were to practice defending an island, in the Indian marine limits, from an enemy attack. Tanks reached the Andaman-Nicobar Islands, onboard an amphibious warship of the Indian Navy. Whereas, the special naval unit practised attacking the enemy, leaving the warships. Moreover, the Indian Army units aboard helicopters and paratroopers also participated in the exercises.

QUAD naval exercises add to China's concernsIndia has already clarified that the organisation QUAD and the war exercises being held with participation from its members are not directed against any country. Still, the Chinese mouthpiece, Global Times, accused that India organised these exercises given the tension created on the Line of Actual Control, in Ladakh, since the last six months. The Chinese mouthpiece made a hollow claim that these exercises are being held to isolate China. The Mouthpiece claimed that these exercises in the Indo-Pacific sector without Chinese influence would not have any effect on China. Although China is making such claims, indications are that China has become extremely insecure with these exercises. Moreover, the active participation of India in the QUAD movement has added further to the Chinese concerns.

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