Indian Navy tweets ‘Happy Hunting’ after tracking Chinese warship in the Indian Ocean

New Delhi: The 29th Antipiracy Escort Force of the Chinese Navy was mocked by the Indian Navy with a welcome tweet of ‘Happy Hunting’. This ‘Happy Hunting’ tweet contains a clear message that Indian Navy is keeping a stern eye on the Chinese movements in the Indian Ocean.

indian navy, china, happy hunting, indian ocean, submarines, warshipsChina is conspiring to increase its movements in this region which is under Indian influence. As part of this conspiracy, the Chinese warships, submarines and destroyers enter into the Indian Ocean region under pretext of carrying out their antipiracy campaign. But in recent times, India has adopted a strict position about the movements of the Chinese Navy. The Indian Navy Chief had earlier declared that India is watching the Chinese activities in the Indian Ocean. The Chinese naval fleet recently experienced the effects of this declaration.

The Chinese naval fleet entered the Indian Ocean region on Monday. The Indian Navy accurately marked the movements of the Chinese Navy. Thereafter, Indian Navy mocked China with the tweet ‘Happy Hunting’ along with the photographs of the Chinese warships. Nothing is hidden from the Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean and the Indian Navy has a keen eye on every activity here, was the message delivered by the Indian Navy through this tweet. To receive such a curious welcome from India for its naval fleet, must have been totally unexpected for China.


Following this, on Tuesday, the Indian Navy exhibited its strength in the Indian Ocean region in front of the world with one more tweet, ‘There are 50 Indian warships in the Indian Ocean region from the Persian Gulf to Malacca Strait and from Bay of Bengal in the north to the east coast of Africa in the south. We are on an alert in the Indian Ocean region round the clock. We fulfil the responsibility of keeping the region safe at all times,’ tweeted the Navy.


Both the Indian Navy tweets have been widely appreciated. India has delivered the right message to everyone. There were reports that China had dispatched its warships to Maldives after an emergency was declared there. But there were subsequent reports that the Indian Navy had forced the Chinese warships to return. China is developing the Gwadar port in Pakistan and wants to use it as a base for Chinese warships and submarines. Now China is making strong attempts to align with Maldives and to get its islands for its bases. China had made a similar attempt in Sri Lanka. But India had foiled it. Chinese Navy has established its base in Djibouti, a few months ago. But India has signed an agreement with Seychelles to build a naval base there. The Chinese efforts to corner India seem to have suffered a setback after the decision to appoint an Indian officer at the United States naval base in Bahrain.

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