Russian President Putin willing to make Russia part of Europe: Former Israeli PM Shimon Peres

moscow-putin-november-peres-300x225Jerusalem/Moscow : ”I have met Russian President Putin on several occasions. President Putin would like to see Russia to be a part of Europe rather than be its enemy’, claimed Israel’s former Prime Minister and Nobel Prize winner Shimon Peres. There are signs of tremendous tensions between Russia and Europe over the Ukraine issue and claims of an on-going cold war between Russia and Western countries. This background underlines the importance of this statement of such a senior Israeli leader.


In an interview given to Russian News channel ‘RT’, Peres put forth his views on various topics like US-Russia relations, Syrian strife, Israel-Palestine peace talks, ISIS and terror attacks in Europe, etc. While talking about relations between Russia and Europe the international community has consistently accused President Putin for planning attacks on European nations.

Senior leader Peres in his interview negated all these charges. Peres claimed to have met Putin on several occasions and to have knowledge of Putin’s intentions plans about Europe. President Putin does not want any conflict between Russia and Europe, instead he eagerly wants Russia be a part of Europe, said Peres.

Cold War-like situation is said to have brewed between Russia and the US over the Ukraine issue. However Peres denied any such claims and predicted of both nations unwilling to wage a war. Hinting at possibility of co-operation between Russia and the US, Peres cited the incidents of ‘Cuba Missile Crisis’ of the year 1962 and the decision pertaining to the ‘RESET’ of US-Russia relations of year the 2011

‘The feud between Russia and the US is ongoing as the leadership of both the nations want to prove to their masses that only they are right. The real cold war is not pertaining to land, any kind resources or wealth. This is a struggle between the US and Russian leaderships. Warding off the possibility of war between the US and Russia, Peres stated that both the leaderships want to prove to their citizens that their own system is superior compared to the other.

Russia and the US will surely cooperate and find a solution on the Syrian issue, claimed Peres, the two-time President of Israel. ‘Neglecting as to who is holding whose flag or what they are contending, both these nations are discussing on the ways to manage the situation in Syria. Both these nations cannot resolve their issues unless they establish peace’, said Peres.

Shimon Peres predicted that the terrorist organisation ‘ISIS’ wont exist for long. Peres claimed ‘ISIS’ to be a ‘non-state actor’ and also criticized their ideologies to be backward.

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