Russia-Israel unconditional allies in the war against terror: Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow 8th June, News Cast-‘Israel knows only too well what it means and it is fighting against terrorism. In this sense, we are unconditional allies’, said Vladimir Putin, President of Russia. Israeli PM Netanyahu is visiting Russia as both countries are completing 25 years of official relationship. In the last one year alone PM Netanyahu has met the Russian President four times. Thereby grabbing the attention of international analysts debating Israel’s increasing discontent with US and growing proximity to Russia.netanyahu-putin-TASS


PM Netanyahu who is on a three day visit to Russia met President Putin on Tuesday. After discussions, he updated the journalists of the increasing co-operation between Russia and Israel in combating global terrorism; adding that both Russia and Israel have had long experience of fighting terrorism.

The leaders agreed to tighten co-operation against terrorism and discussed the Syrian civil war. Putin called for Israel’s cooperation in ending the Syrian conflict. Escalation of tensions between Russian and Israeli air forces at the Golan Heights near the Syrian border also came up for discussion. Russian fighter aircraft’s have been carrying out air raids against IS terrorists in Syria. Israeli fighter planes have similarly carried out air sorties in the Syrian territory. Russian and Israeli aircraft’s have come came face-to-face couple of times in a dangerous manner. Both countries discussed about increasing cooperation between the respective defense forces to avoid such near situations in the future.

Apart from this, the Russian President put forth his views on Israel’s peace talks with Palestine. Putin called for fresh talks between Israel and Palestine to establish peace and stability in the Middle-East for the benefit of all countries. He assured of Russia’s lead to achieve this. The Russian external affairs minister Sergey Lavrov is scheduled to meet his Palestine counterpart Riyad al-Maliki soon.

Russia and Israel complete 25 years of diplomatic relations. Marking the occasion both leaders discussed strengthening bilateral relations on all fronts; their fourth meeting in the past one year. Putin had visited Israel a few months ago and this is Netanyahu’s third visit to Russia.

The Middle-East and the Persian Gulf political environment are in turmoil ever since Russia started air attacks on ISIS in Syria. At the same time Saudi Arabia and Israel are displeased over US’ accommodation of Iran’s Nuclear Program. Both countries strongly feel the Iranian Nuclear Program jeopardizes the security of Saudi Arabia and Israel. This is affecting their relations with the US.

In these circumstances, Russia is making all out efforts to improve relations with Saudi Arabia. Russia has volunteered to mediate between Iran and the Gulf States to sort out their misunderstandings. At same time the Russian President has taken the lead in improving Russian relations with Israel.

Russia is taking full advantage of the changing political situation in the Middle East arising out of US’ conciliatory stand on Iran. Russia’s improving relations with US allies is putting US under pressure. Attempts being made by the US to reconcile with its main allies – Saudi Arabia and Israel have been unsuccessful as these states appear to be gravitating towards Russia.

The visit by the Israeli PM to Russia at the time of increased activity in the war against ISIS in Syria; and the tense relations between US and Israel has drawn considerable attention of the international observers.

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