More than 5,000 arrested in Russia for protesting against President Putin

Moscow: – The agitation challenging the unilateral functioning of President Vladimir Putin, has become more comprehensive. On Sunday, thousands of Russian citizens took to the streets protesting against President Putin, giving slogans’ Russia without Putin’ and ‘Putin is a thief’, in many Russian cities including capital Moscow. These protests against President Putin have continued for the last two weeks. Moreover, on Tuesday, the pro-democracy groups have warned of a protest march again. Russian security agencies have taken an aggressive stand against the protestors and have arrested more than 5,000 protestors.    

Alexi Navalny, known as President Putin’s bitter rival, has been jailed in the last month. Navalny, appealed to his supporters to protest, claiming that the Russian government’s action against him was wrong. The Russian sources indicated that a new punishment will be announced for Navalny on Tuesday. The Russian citizens have taken to the streets against it and there is an insistent demand for release of Navalny.   

On Sunday, pictures of thousands of citizens taking to the streets to give slogans against President Putin were seen in many cities of Russia, including capital Moscow. While taking aggressive actions against these protestors, the Russian security agencies used Lathi Charge and tear gas. One thousand five hundred protesters and Yulia Navalnaya, the wife of Alexi Navalny, were arrested in capital Moscow. The local groups informed that more than 5,000 protestors have been arrested from various cities of Russia other than these. It is being said that this is the first time the Russian agencies have taken such a strong action against the protestors.   

Meanwhile, reactions have been received on the international level regarding the Russia action against the protestors. The United States and the United Kingdom have demanded an immediate release of Alexi Navalny and his supporters. The Navalny supporters have appealed to the United States and the western countries to impose fresh sanctions against Russia.    

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