World on the brink of World War for the first time after Cuban Missile Crisis, claims renowned geopolitical analyst

Third World WarMoscow: First time since the Cuban Missile crisis in 1962, the world is on the brink of a World War, claimed the renowned analyst Phil Butler. Butler clarified that in view of the moves by the main countries of the United States, Britain and Russia against each other, this is the only inference that can be drawn.

There was a high possibility of sparking a conflict between the United States and Russia because of the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’. In the year 1962, Russia had deployed its ballistic missiles in Cuba. This was considered to be a Russian reaction to the US deployment of its ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey. The then US President John F Kennedy had threatened Russia with a war whereas, Russian President Nikita Khrushchev had refused to back down in the matter. But this tension was defused after successful negotiations. Butler pointed out that there is a similar situation in the world today.

russia, cuban missile, us, vladimir putinUS President Donald Trump has started his aggressive tactics with the appointment of John Bolton known for his extreme temperament. While, Britain has announced stern action against Russia harping on the Skripal poisoning issue. The countries under the US and British influence have started expelling Russian diplomats. At the same time, Britain is preparing for a political and cyber war against Russia. Phil Butler has expressed concern that in view of these incidents, the situation today is scarier than the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will definitely reply to these actions by the Western countries. A few days ago, President Putin revealed information about powerful Russian missiles to inform the world of the Russian capability. This is because he had already expected these anti-Russian moves from the western countries. What is not known to everyone, is already known to Russia. Butler claimed that Russia which is aware that the world is very close to the third world war, has increased its activities in that direction.

Meanwhile, Butler, known for his pro-Russia stand, has reprimanded the western countries for this rising tension. He has claimed that the accusations levelled on Russia, about the Skripal poisoning case, are not true. The western countries are putting this reason forward to start a war against Russia at different levels. The fuel line ‘Nord Stream II’ between Russia and Germany has been approved by both the countries and subsequently the western countries started their movements against Russia. Butler has drawn attention to the fact by calling it not a mere coincidence.

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