Pray to protect President Trump as ‘Deep State’ and evil forces unite against him, appeals Pastor Frank Amedia

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Washington: “The ‘Deep State’, the secret rulers of the United States and the evil forces following the path of darkness, have united against President Donald Trump and he faces a major threat from them. The Christians therefore should put the power of their prayers behind President Trump to shield him”, urged Pastor Frank Amedia. ‘Frank Amedia’ said this while speaking at a program on a news channel.

At a function organised by the ‘President of the United States Shield’ (POTUS Shield), Pastor ‘Frank Amedia’ and his associates claimed that President Trump faces a major threat. ‘The President has taken many important decisions challenging the ‘Deep State’. On the face of it, the United States is a democracy and a democratically elected government runs the country. But irrespective of whose government it is, there is a powerful group that maintains a complete control over the government. Political leaders, high-ranking officials, industrial sector and the media are all under the influence of this group and no decision is taken against the interests of it. The group is called the ‘Deep State’ and President Trump by challenging this powerful clique, has taken decisions in the interest of the United States’, Pastor ‘Frank Amedia’ and his associates drew attention to this.

Aligning with the ‘Deep State’, the evil forces following the path of darkness have begun their horrifying attempts on Trump. The representatives of the Deep State are hinting at some dreadful events which may take place in near future’, alerted Pastor ‘Frank Amedia’. While talking about this, he also referred to the statements made by the former FBI chief, James Comey and the former FBI Director, Andrew McCabe who were dismissed by Trump. Referring to the warning issued by McCabe which stated that something unprecedented was about to happen in the near future, Pastor Amedia said that all of it was a part of a larger conspiracy against President Trump.

While speaking during this program, Mark Gonzales, a member of the ‘United States Hispanic Action Network’, warned that the evil warlocks and witches were collectively preparing to destroy President Trump. A threat to President Trump is essentially a threat to the United States. Christians should prepare to save President Trump from the effects of these evil forces, keeping in mind that this is a national crisis. Pastor Amedia appealed to the Christians across the country by saying that they should back President Trump through the power of  their prayers. These evil forces are attempting to brew a storm against President Trump and the United States. Pastor Amedia and his associates prayed that God should divert the power of this tornado to destroy the ‘Deep State’ and expose everything that had been hidden by these evil forces.

Bishop Harry Jackson prayed at this program saying that, ‘The ‘Deep State’ and the evil forces on the path of darkness are representatives of the “Anti-Christ”. The objective of the Anti-Christ is to destroy everything. However, God should thwart their conspiracy and free our country from their clutches’. All the people present at the event responded to the appeal and were seen offering sincere prayers to God in support of President Trump and for the sake of national security of the United States.

Within months after President Trump assumed office, Pastor Amedia had warned of threat to President Trump’s security from these evil forces. In the month of February 2017, the Pastor had warned that all the witches in the world had united and were unleashing their spells against President Trump. Amedia had appealed to the faithful Christians, to be prepared and pray to create a protective shield around President Trump. The appeal had received a fair response.

The POTUS Shield was formed to save President Trump and is also looked at as a group that prays to God to ensure the safety of the United States along with President Trump. If the United States and President Trump are not saved from the clutches of the ‘Deep State’ and the evil forces, it will have detrimental effects all around the world. This will cause harm to major countries of the world, according to the POTUS Shield. The group is therefore, consistently made sincere appeals to all the Christians to use the power of their prayers for this cause.

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