PM welcomes passage of Citizenship Amendment Act

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomes the enactment of the Citizenship Amendment Act in the Lok Sabha. The Prime Minister claimed that this bill is in sync with the Indian inclusive tradition and human values. At the same time, Prime Minister Modi congratulated Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who presented the bill. 


The Lok Sabha passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill on Monday. The amendment was passed with 311 against 80 votes. Before passing, there was a stormy debate on the bill. The Prime Minister appreciated the Union Home Minister, saying that he pointedly answered all the objections regarding the bill. The Prime Minister claimed that this bill is consistent with the thousands of years old Indian tradition. 

PM welcomes passage of Citizenship Amendment ActThe Hindus, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist and Christians, religious minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, facing atrocities and religious discrimination have taken refuge in India. These religious communities have taken refuge in India to maintain their religious identity and with this bill, it will be possible to award them Indian citizenship. Pointing to this, the Union government had sponsored this bill. 

The people opposed to the bill have said that as per the constitution, the Indian citizenship cannot be given on religious basis. The opponents have blamed that a particular religion has been deliberately omitted from the bill and this is against the fundamental principles of the constitution. The Union Home Minister pointed out that this bill which ensures justice for the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Parsi people coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, it is not against any religion. 

There is a need to differentiate between the intruders and people officially asking for asylum. The Indian government is doing this. India will never give citizenship to those intruding intending to loot the country. The Union Home Minister claimed that it is the duty of India, to award citizenship to the people requesting asylum to safeguard their religion and self-respect. 

The central government will never award citizenship to the Rohingyas who have illegally intruded into the country. Home Minister Amit Shah also emphasised that the process National Register of Citizens will be implemented stringently, to ensure the expulsion of these illegal intruders. 

Meanwhile, rioting and arson started at someplace in Assam, and some organisations in the state called for a strike. There are indications that terrorist organisations like ULFA are behind these incidents. At the same time, the passage of the amendment bill in the Lok Sabha is being celebrated in the other states.

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