The Citizenship Amendment Bill passed in Rajya Sabha as well

New Delhi: The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha, following the Lok Sabha. The Bill was passed by the vote 125 against 105 and will soon be sent to President Ram Nath Kovind for signature. Following the President’s signature, this will be converted into a law.


The religious minorities from Pakistan Afghanistan and Bangladesh, facing atrocities and discrimination, had rushed to India. It was necessary to amend the existing citizenship law passed in 1955, to award Indian citizenship to these people from the Sikh, Parsi, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Christian communities. Therefore, the Citizenship Amendment act was presented in the parliament and the Lok Sabha passed it. Thereafter, the Bill was presented in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday and a debate was held.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill passed in Rajya Sabha as wellThis Bill is only for awarding Indian citizenship to religious minorities from the neighbouring countries, facing atrocities in those countries. It becomes obligatory for India, to award citizenship to these refugees seeking asylum. The Union Home Minister pointed out that this is a bill awarding citizenship and not stripping anyone of their nationality and does not meet out injustice to anyone.

At the same time, the Union Home Minister concluded that this Bill does not pose any threat to anyone and there is no cause for concern. Meanwhile, strong protests were held against the Bill in the northeastern states. Notably, the protests in some of the districts of Assam turned violent. The security agencies have taken action there and paramilitary forces have been deployed in the northeastern states.

The situation was brought under control by evening. The military reportedly held a flag march in some of the areas in Assam. It is claimed that the deployment in Kashmir was reduced to increase the deployment in the northeast.

The Union Home Minister asserted during his speech that the rights of the people in the Northeastern states will be safeguarded. Home Minister Amit Shah assured the people from the Northeastern states saying that the government was committed to protecting the cultural and linguistic characteristics of the northeastern states. The Home Minister appealed that no one should have any misunderstandings over this subject.

The religious minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh have been waiting for a long time, to get Indian citizenship. Saying that this dream will realise now, the refugees expressed joy over the passage of the Bill in the Lok Sabha as well as the Rajya Sabha.

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