India’s Prime Minister Modi announces an interim relief of ₹5 billion to Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: As per statistics, rains in Kerala are more than double of what were received during the Uttaranchal deluge. While the situation in Kerala is still difficult, Prime Minister Modi announced an interim aid of ₹5 billion after surveying the area. The central government has also announced an aid of ₹200,000 to the next of kin of the dead and ₹50,000 to the injured.


India, Kerala, narendra modi, floodThe rains have ravaged 13 out of 14 districts in Kerala. Out of them, the situation in 11 districts is unrelenting. Moreover, the gates of almost all the main dams in Kerala have been opened and most of the rivers are flooded. Some of the rivers have even changed their course. On Friday, the Chief Minister of Kerala informed that 324 people have died in the deluge. Also, thousands of citizens have been trapped in various parts of the state.

Even so, the relief work has been sped up and more than 10,000 people from the flood-hit regions have been moved to safe places by the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) alone. About 58 NDRF units are operational in Kerala and it is the first time that the force has deployed so many units in a single state. It is the largest campaign undertaken by the force since its inception. Over and above the Navy and Airforce are helping move people to safe areas against all odds.

The damages in the deluge is estimated to be about ₹200 billion. Nevertheless, the realistic figures of the casualties and devastation are claimed would be arrived at only after the floods recede. Four days ago, Home Minister Rajnath Singh announced a relief of ₹1 billion to Kerala, whereas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an additional relief of ₹5 billion to it. The centre has clarified that this is only an interim relief. Over and above Kerala is receiving financial aid and essential commodities from other States in this hour of crisis.

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