Prime Minister endorses the ‘Citizenship’ bill

Changsari: Prime Minister Modi said ‘There is a need to differentiate between those who infiltrate into India and those who are forced to immigrate to India.’ Prime Minister Modi justified the Citizenship amendment bill, pointing out the difference between immigrants while addressing a public rally in Assam.


citizenship bill, modi, assam, immigrantsThose immigrants who enter India because of religious atrocities faced in the neighbouring countries are in a different category. Prime Minister pointed out that these people have faith in India and they consider themselves as the children of the country. They cannot be compared with infiltrators.

The question regarding the illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh was on the anvil since the last few years. Concerns are being expressed that this infiltration in Assam can be a challenge to national security. Against this background, the Union government started that process of National Register of Citizens to identify the original citizens and the infiltrators, and a few people have stood up for the Bangladeshi infiltrators.

The case of the illegal Rohingya infiltrators from Myanmar,who entered India through Bangladesh, also is in the supreme court. In this situation, the Indian government has taken a firm stand that no illegal infiltrators will be given asylum. But the government has decided to grant asylum to the Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Christian and Parsi immigrants, who are a minority in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

The government is taking steps to make amendments to the citizenship bill. Some people from Assam and other northeastern states have taken an aggressive stance against this amendment. But despite this opposition, the government is firm on its stand. Prime Minister Modi has emphatically presented the government stand while addressing a public rally in Assam.

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