Prime Minister announces a package of ₹20 lakh crore, 4th phase of lockdown after the 17th of May

New Delhi: – Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the nation, stated, ‘We have to defend ourselves in this fight against Coronavirus by remaining alert and must progress too. Looking at the global situation, the only option in front of us is self-reliant, and the resolve for self-reliance has to be bigger than the crisis.’ PM Modi announced a substantial economic package of ₹20 lakh crore for the industry sector. The Prime Minister underlined that this package is a part of ‘Self-reliant India Campaign’. The Prime Minister also announced the next stage of the lockdown and gave a message that the rules for the next phase will be different.


The Prime Minister said, during his dialogue with the people of the country, ‘21st century belongs to India; it is our responsibility and not only a mere dream. The world has greater expectations from India, and the resolve to be self-reliant is the only way forward in the current global scenario. Indian culture has never been self-centred. ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (The whole world is a family) is the soul of the Indian culture.’ Prime Minister also said ‘The structure of self-sufficient India will be supported by five pillars: Economy, infrastructural facilities, administrative systems, demography and demand. I am declaring the economic package for self-reliance, while the country is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic crisis.’

The Prime Minister’s underlined package is for providing impetus to all the industries and amounts to nearly 10% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country. Land, labour, liquidity and law will be provided special attention for attaining the objective of self-reliant India. The Prime Minister said that this package is for cottage industry, home industry and small and medium industry, and drew attention to the fact that these industries providing employment to millions of people are the foundation of self-reliant India. Prime Minister added that this package is for the farmers, labourers and the middle class, who pay their taxes sincerely and the Finance Minister will elaborate regarding the features of the package.

The Prime Minister also delivered a message, ‘Become Vocal for Local’, meaning sponsor indigenous products, insist on purchasing local products and proudly promote them while saying that the Coronavirus crisis has made us realise the importance of the locally produced goods, local markets and local supplies. The Prime Minister said, don’t forget that most multinational brands also were local at one time and expressed confidence that India can very well do it.

The Prime Minister said ‘The fight against Coronavirus will continue. Most of the global experts believe that this will be a long-drawn battle. Therefore, the lockdown will continue after the 17th of May. But it will be of a different nature. The information regarding the nature of the lockdown will be released before the 18th of May.’ He also added ‘Many big countries have been shaken up with this Coronavirus crisis, but the poor Indian population has demonstrated the power of resistance and patience, even in the current scenario.’

Meanwhile, the total number of Coronavirus cases in the country has crossed 74,000. 53 deaths were reported from Maharashtra on Tuesday along with 1,026 new cases. Mumbai reported 28 deaths, and the total number of Coronavirus cases in the city has crossed 15,000.

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