Women from the self-help group produce 10 crore masks

 New Delhi: As the Coronavirus pandemic is causing havoc across the globe, the doctors and other medical workers are experiencing a lack of supply of masks and other essential equipment required to fight off the virus. Developed nations such as the US and Europe realize their deficiency as well. In such a crucial situation, the women members of the Indian self-help group have stepped forward. These women have astonished everyone by producing 2 lakh protective gears, 3 lakh litres of sanitizer and about 10 crore masks.

In March, as the Coronavirus started to spread, India began experiencing a dearth of masks, protective gears and sanitizers. Moreover, the demand for these three was rising. Protective gears include aprons, gowns, face shields, gloves and caps. The nation was facing its shortage. Hence, the women of the self-help group, by utilizing their tailoring skills, created masks and other essential medical equipment. The state and regional authorities provided them with aid for that.

4,000 women across various regions in the country prepared protective kits for warriors, who are fighting against Coronavirus. This activity is being praised through and through. Moreover, this has also opened a corridor for self-help group, women, to make a living.

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