A new proposal from US President Trump to mediate in the Kashmir issue

Davos: US President Trump reiterated his offer of mediation to resolve the Kashmir issue. Trump forwarded this proposal, during his meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum meeting being held at Davos. At the same time, he also added a comment, along with the proposal to mediate that Kashmir was a bilateral issue. Commenting that Kashmir is a bilateral issue, the Indian foreign ministry has reprimanded that there was no need for mediation by President Trump.


As expected, the Kashmir issue was raised by PM Imran Khan, during the discussions with President Trump at Davos. Trump assured all the possible cooperation to resolve this prolonged issue between India and Pakistan. Earlier too, Trump had given a similar assurance to Imran Khan. Even this time, Imran Khan got nothing more than an assurance. Trump was careful not to hurt India by saying that Kashmir was a bilateral issue. At the same time, Trump said that it was a very complicated problem, and the United States has been closely watching the developments between India and Pakistan.

A new proposal from US President Trump to mediate in the Kashmir issueIn an effort to malign India’s image as much as possible, the Pakistani Prime Minister has been giving interviews against India. Imran Khan claimed that there is an aggressive government in India and the tensions between India and Pakistan have increased because of this. Also, saying that one cannot imagine the effects of a war between two nuclear countries, he once again threatened the world along with India of a nuclear war. But Imran Khan seems to have used diplomacy while speaking over it. Meanwhile, the Indian foreign ministry has warned that the Kashmir issue is bilateral and that there is no need for intervention or mediation by the United States.

Even in the past, Indian foreign ministry has consistently maintained that there is no need for a third-party mediation for discussions with Pakistan. Meanwhile, Pakistani confidence seems to have grown with the mediation proposal by President Trump.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that President Trump would soon be visiting Pakistan. Discussions were on regarding an Indian visit by President Trump, in the near future. With the claim made by Qureshi, a new talk has started, whether Trump will visit Pakistan along with India during the visit? A few days ago, Deputy Secretary for South and Central Asia, in the US Department of State had visited India followed by Pakistan.

India had taken the initiative to break the tradition of all the prominent global leaders visiting Pakistan after their Indian visit. India demands that visit of an essential leader to India, should be an independent affair and it should not be clubbed with a Pakistan visit. Against this background, it becomes an important issue, whether Trump will visit Pakistan.

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