Extremists criticise Pakistan PM’s proposal to India

Islamabad – Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had asserted that Pakistan would not open dialogue with India unless article 370, awarding special status to Jammu-Kashmir, is reinstated. But now, criticism has started in Pakistan that Imran Khan has softened his tone to initiate a dialogue with India. Imran Khan said that India should plan to re-establish the situation, like the one before the removal of article 370, and Pakistan will be willing to initiate a dialogue with India. After that, in Pakistan, the extremist analysts have started showering, criticising Imran Khan, that he is making a deal with India over Jammu-Kashmir.


Imran Khan, Pakistan PM, Kashmir issue, POK, Article 370, radical group’s, Saudi, ChinaOver the last few months, the Pakistan government is feeling desperate to start a dialogue with India. It is being said that the Pakistan military is compelling the government to take the initiative to open a dialogue with India. But the super-aggressive stand adopted by Imran Khan against India is posing the biggest challenge in opening a dialogue with India. Some Pakistani journalists criticise Imran Khan, who has shot himself in the foot, by adopting a stand that talks with India are not possible unless article 370 is reinstated. But the moves made by Imran Khan are not acceptable to the extremists in Pakistan.

Only a day ago, Imran Khan gave India the proposal to present a plan to revert the situation in Jammu-Kashmir. Imran Khan said that if this plan is presented, Pakistan will be willing to talk to India. However, the extremists objected to this proposal. These extremist analysts are accusing that Prime Minister Imran Khan is softening his stand on the Kashmir issue. Besides, he is doing it only to initiate talks with India.

Responsible journalists from Pakistan were already saying that there is no alternative to talks with India. But the Imran Khan government ignored their advice. But now, given being cornered on the economy front and the Afghan issue, internal problems, Chinese displeasure, and non-cooperation by Saudi and the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan seems to have been completely shattered. Therefore, the Pakistan government and military wish to open a dialogue with India to try and establish stability in the country. At the same time, Pakistan wants to rebuild its credibility on the international level, holding talks with India. But India is unwilling to accept Pakistan’s conditions for starting the dialogue. This has put the Pakistan government in a tight spot.

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