Pakistan Army, ISI with help from China planning to declare Karachi federal territory, warns MQM leader Altaf Hussain

London/Karachi: – Pakistan military and intelligence agency ISI, are about to declare Karachi city as a federal territory, with the help of China. Altaf Hussain, leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), said that in short, Pakistan military is making moves to take over Karachi city. At the same time, the people in the Sindh province have started strong demonstrations against atrocities of the Pakistan military and the ISI.


Pakistan-armyMany parts of Karachi are in a perilous state due to incessant rains. The rains have claimed many lives and the people are jaded due to many other problems. Against this background, Pakistan Prime Minister had ordered the military for a cleanup operation. Pakistani population had scoffed at Imran Khan over the decision. Pakistani netizens had retorted that the military is for security and not for rain management. But Altaf Hussain warned that this military action is not about rains and it is a move to take control over Karachi.

Pakistan military and ISI are conspiring, along with China, to take over Karachi city. Altaf Hussain registered a strong protest against it. Altaf Hussain appealed to the people of Karachi to unite and protest against this conspiracy.

Meanwhile, only last week, the high alert had been announced in Karachi. Security was beefed up in Karachi. Some parts of Karachi had even been sealed. It was clarified that a Red Alert was declared because the people got scared. Thereafter, there is an increase in the activities in Karachi. Against this background, the warning issued by Altaf Hussain becomes important.

While Altaf Hussain is becoming aggressive against the Pakistan military and ISI, the people of Sindh also are infuriated. Pakistan military and ISI have abducted political leaders and activists and are torturing them. People from Sindh held protests against this, in the Qazi Ahmed Town of the Sindh province. The protestors included women and children. The protests were for raising a voice against Pakistani terrorism. The intelligence agencies detained a few people, to prevent the spread of these protests. Slogans for independent Sindhudesh were also given during the protests.

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