Coronavirus cases in the country cross 150,000, Maharashtra reports 97 deaths

New Delhi: – The number of screenings for Coronavirus is increasing in the country, and the number of new cases is also multiplying. After compiling the information submitted by the states, on Tuesday night, it was clear that the total number of cases in the country has crossed 150,000. There has been an addition of 70,000 new cases in the last 15 days. The health ministry announced that the percentage of deaths has reduced from 3.3% to 2.87%. On one hand, this positive news was received, and on the other 97 deaths were reported in the state of Maharashtra in one day. This is the record for the number of deaths in one single day. These include 39 from Mumbai, 15 from Thane and 10 from Kalyan-Dombivali.

Currently, 110,000 people are being screened for Coronavirus every day. The health ministry informed that till date, 3.1 million people have been screened for Coronavirus. The rate of recovery also has shown improvement in the 3rd and 4th lockdown period to 41.61%, registering an increase of 7%. The health ministry also gave another positive information that while the death rate in the other countries has reached 6.45%, the Indian rate has declined to 2.87%. The number of deaths in the country increased by 146 in 24 hours, reaching 4,167. Whereas, the health department informed that the total number of cases reached 145,380 by Tuesday morning. There was an increase of 6,535 new cases in one day.

But it is revealed that the total number of cases reached close to 150,000 by Tuesday night. The pandemic claimed 97 lives in Maharashtra on Tuesday. This takes the total number of deaths in the state near 1,800. 2,091 new cases were reported from the state during the day, bringing the total count to 54,758. Mumbai reported 1,002 new cases in 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu reported 646 new cases. State-wise numbers of new cases are Gujarat 361, Madhya Pradesh 305, Rajasthan 236, Karnataka 101, Jammu-Kashmir 91, Telangana 71 and Kerala 67.

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