India’s fuel demand will return to normal – Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

New Delhi – The Coronavirus pandemic has led to the nationwide lockdown. It has, in turn, hit the fuel demand. The month of April saw the demand plummet by 70 per cent. Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has, however, expressed confidence that the market will soon return to normal as the sales are increasing gradually. 


After the lockdown was declared, April saw the fuel demand fall by seventy per cent. This situation existed across the globe. Some countries had even shut down the refineries. However, things were much normal in India, said Dharmendra Pradhan. He further claimed that after the Centre announced the financial package and the lockdown had been eased, the fuel demand has increased.

Dharmendra Pradhan further said that the month of May has seen the demand rise by 60 to 65 per cent. He expressed hope that normalcy will return by the month of June. The sales of petrol and diesel will increase once two-wheelers and four-wheelers start plying on the streets as before. Moreover, domestic air services will commence from May 25 while trains will restart from the next month. It will change the whole picture, clarified Pradhan. 

The petrol-diesel price saw no increase during the Coronavirus crisis. However, due to the uncertainty at the international level, no guarantee that fuel prices will remain steady can be given, asserted the Petroleum Minister.

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