80% of the cases in the nation are asymptomatic, warns health ministry

New Delhi: – The health ministry informed that 80% of the Coronavirus patients in the nation are asymptomatic. While the pandemic is spreading, the non-appearance of the signs and symptoms in the patients is adding to the worries.

Coronavirus cases are increasing by the day. While answering a query regarding non-appearance of signs of COVID-19, the health ministry and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) replied that none or minimal signs are visible in about 80% of the Coronavirus infected persons. This has become apparent in the global analysis.

The people infected with Coronavirus have fever, cold, cough or breathing difficulty. But it has been observed the even positive cases are devoid of these signs. These persons can become a medium of transmission for the virus. Therefore, the health ministry has advised wearing a mask while leaving your homes.

80% of the persons, testing positive for Coronavirus infection and not developing signs, is a major cause for concern. This makes it more tedious to locate and treat Coronavirus patients. The suspects are not easily identifiable. Therefore, all the people who have come in contact with the Coronavirus patient are being screened for Coronavirus infection. The patients showing signs similar to Coronavirus also are being screened. Dr. Raman R. Gangakhedkar, Chief of the Infectious and communicable diseases department of the ICMR, said that the situation would be difficult if this kind of screening is not done. It was informed at this time, that the serious patients admitted to the hospitals are being screened every fifth day.

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