North Korea preparing for biological attack on US, claims Japan daily

Tokyo: The Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun claimed that after successfully testing the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) capable of striking main cities of the US, North Korea had now prepared for a biological attack on the US. It stated that North Korea had devised a plan  to strike the US by mounting the ‘Anthrax’ virus onto the ICBM. It also claimed that North Korea had prepared to test the ICBM by mounting ‘Anthrax’ onto it. However, North Korea refuted these claims and responded to them by saying that the US was looking for excuses to strike them.


The Japanese daily recently informed that the required tests for a biological missile strike had been successfully completed. The daily had reported the said report based on the information obtained from sources in the South Korean intelligence agencies.

Biological-attackAgain based on information from South Korean sources, the Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun reported that when a missile equipped with ‘Anthrax’ virus is fired, it reaches 7000 Celsius while re-entering Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, the North Korean regime was experimenting if the Anthax virus could survive the heat and pressure in 7000 degree celsius. While other sources claim that tests conducted by the North Korean regime in this regard were a success.

If any person is infected with the ‘anthrax’ virus, that individual may not necessarily die. However, if this virus was projected through the ICBM and the Anthrax virus was to enter the body through the respiratory track, then there was an 80% chance of death due to it. While the North Korean scientists have studied this carefully, North Korea had also prepared to use it with the ICBM states the Japanese daily. Also, the daily mentions that the question, how exactly North Korea had acquired the ‘Anthrax’ pathogens, still remains unanswered.

Only two days prior to the release of this report, the US had also published a similar report. In the National Security Strategy (NSS) declared by the U.S. President Donald Trump, he criticized that North Korea was a country that made its people starve and was in pursuit of acquiring chemical and biological weapons  by spending hundreds of billions of dollars. He also warned that by using this highly destructive biological weapon by deploying it over missiles, North Korea posed a threat to their homeland.

North Korea on the other hand denied all the allegations made by the Japanese daily and also accused the US of disinformation. North Korean state run news channel ‘Korean Central News Agency’ (KCNA), criticized that the US was habituated of creating a false image by projecting something false to be true. It also stated that the U.S. was blaming North Korea with fake allegations by fabricating information.

South Korea had also claimed that North Korea was developing biological weapons previously. Whereas, a report based on the studies of the international affairs stated that there was a strong possibility of North Korean dictatorship possessing the anthrax and smallpox pathogens. While some experts had also corroborated this claim. Nevertheless, North Korea had denied all the accusations from time to time.

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