New Pakistan map is just political imprudence, retorts India

New Delhi: – India launched a scathing attack against Pakistan ‘The said new Pakistan map, published by Prime Minister Imran Khan is nothing but political imprudence. There is no international recognition or basis to this map. Instead, it shows how obsessed Pakistan is to gain a regional standing and what level it is willing to stoop in supporting terrorism.’ Imran Khan published a new political map of Pakistan, showing Jammu-Kashmir, Ladakh, Junagarh and Sir Creek as a part of Pakistan, during a press conference. India has given this blunt reaction against it.

pakistan-mapIn August, last year, India took the historic decision to abrogate article 370, which awarded special status to Jammu-Kashmir. Thereafter, India declared that Gilgit-Baltistan, known as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, was Indian territory. All the Pakistani efforts to garner support at the international level, spewing fire against the Indian decision, failed miserably. Prime Minister Imran Khan was ridiculed over this matter, even in Pakistan. He had been sarcastically advised that instead of criticising the Indian decision, make efforts to avoid disintegration of Pakistan. Against this background, Imran Khan seems to be creating a façade of adopting an aggressive stand against India.

It is believed that this Imran Khan decision is at the behest of China. China is severely rocked due to the jolt delivered by the Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley. Chinese ambitions in this sector have bitten the dust, in view of the support received by India regarding the issue, on the international level. Current, geopolitical equations also are against China and therefore, China is making attempts to open a new front against India, by instigating the Indian neighbours. A few days ago, China had convened a meeting with Pakistan and Nepal, along with Afghanistan. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had advised Nepal and Afghanistan to follow the example of Pakistan and strengthen cooperation with China.

China has already started efforts to destabilise India through Pakistan and Nepal. Both of these countries are using Chinese tactics for this purpose. Claim rights on the region, adjacent to the border, in the neighbouring countries, publish maps and then acquire the portion through infiltration, is considered to be a part of the standard expansionist practice of the Chinese communist party. The recent decisions taken by Pakistan and Nepal against India seem to be a copy of this Chinese practice. A few days ago, Nepal had shown an area of 395 square kilometres including Kalapani, Limpiyadhura and Lipulekh as a part of Nepal, in the new map published. Thereafter, Nepal has dug up one more dispute claiming rights over another part of Uttarakhand.

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