The Indian military will maintain the status of war preparedness

New Delhi: The Army Commanders’ Conference came to a consensus that It is essential for the defence forces to be in a state of combat readiness, in view of the reigning tension between India and Pakistan. Assessment of the security preparedness was done, in light of the tension with Pakistan, in this conference, which is held twice a year. The sources informed that the officials were of the opinion that we could not reduce the state of war preparedness, under any circumstances in the current situation.


war-preparednessPakistan is predicting an Indian attack since the last few days.

The Pakistan Foreign Minister had expressed the possibility of an Indian attack and had claimed that this attack would take place between 16th and 20th April. Questions are being raised regarding this, in Pakistan. Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi had organised a special press conference, in Multan, to announce this. At that time, no officials from the Pakistani foreign ministry or military were present with him. Shah Mahmood Qureshi had said that his claim was based on the reliable information, provided by the intelligence department.

Pakistani Foreign Minister making such a claim in a press conference was found to be absurd by some of the Pakistani journalists. At the same time, the opposition parties are criticising that the Imran Khan government is trying to cover up its failure, making these claims. Prices have scaled new heights in Pakistan, and the people are harassed with the price rise. The Pakistani opposition leaders have criticised that in this situation, the government is trying to divert the focus of the people, by making such claims, of an Indian attack. It has been freshly exposed that Pakistan is knowingly keeping the tension brewing with India. This increases the importance of the inference drawn in the conference of the Indian military commanders.

The Indian military is committed to the security of the people of India, and the decision to maintain the state of war readiness has been taken after due assessment of the impending threats. At the same time, the military is on alert, to prevent any terrorist attacks. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat informed that there is coordination between all the three defence forces and for this purpose,strategic planning and exercises are being conducted jointly.

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