Chinese military leadership plotted ‘Galwan’, reports the US intelligence agency  

Washington: – The Chinese army leadership ordered orders for the attack by the Chinese soldiers on the Indian soldiers in Galwan valley. General Zhao Zongqi, Chief of the Chinese western command and the blue-eyed boy of Chinese President Xi Jinping, had ordered this attack. This has been exposed in a report prepared by the US intelligence agency. Meanwhile, the Chinese people have started to openly criticise their government for hiding the number of Chinese soldiers killed and other information regarding the encounter.   


Leading countries of the world are against China over the issues of the origin of the Coronavirus, trade war, intellectual property theft, Hongkong and Taiwan. Supporters of Jinping from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), are hounded by the fears that if the situation continues to remain the same, the discontent brewing in China, against President Jinping, will erupt. Therefore, senior officials in the PLA plotted this attack on the Indian soldiers in the Galwan valley, to teach a lesson to India, an ally of the United States and in turn, the United States. China had planned to carry out a dreadful attack on the Indian soldiers and after that, resolve the issue amicably. As per the plot, the attack on the Indian military was carried out, under instructions from General Zongqi and his colleagues.  

This devious Chinese plot was exposed through a US intelligence agency report. There have been incidences of Chinese intrusion in Ladakh, even in the past. Therefore, China was under the impression that its aggression will be active even this time. But the Chinese military was baffled by the Indian backlash. Because of the action taken by the Indian soldiers, Chinese soldiers had to flee, leaving all the weapons and other equipment behind. It proved to be a major embarrassment for the Chinese military and the attack on the Indian soldiers is being severely criticised on the Chinese social media.  

India revealed all the information of the Indian soldiers martyred in the Chinese attack, and they were awarded national honours. But the accusation is gaining ground in China, that the communist government is hiding information regarding the soldiers killed in the Indian counterattack. Photographs of the Chinese military vehicles, carrying the coffins with the corpses of these killed soldiers have also been posted on social media. Therefore, the anger in the Chinese population against the communist government is increasing by the day. The criticism against Xi Jinping, the Chinese President and Chief of the Chinese communist party, is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, the Intelligence report claims that the Chinese plan to leapfrog India has backfired on the Chinese leadership. 

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