WHO has not properly investigated the origin of Coronavirus, accuse neutral researchers

London – The Coronavirus pandemic, which claimed 3.3 million lives and caused losses of billions of dollars to the world and devastated life of citizens of the world, could have been contained. But the World Health Organisation (WHO) did not take proper steps at the right time. Moreover, the WHO did not correctly investigate the origin of the Coronavirus. The WHO had passed a verdict that the Coronavirus has not been released from a laboratory by accident. The neutral researchers accused that the WHO did not consider that this possibility cannot be ignored entirely.


who-corona-investigationWHO has prepared an eighty six-page report, titled ‘COVID-19: Make it the last pandemic‘. This also included a Chinese researcher. Questions are being raised regarding the credibility of the report. On one hand, reports had been published that the Chinese officials had made preparations to use Coronavirus as a bioweapon in the third world war. On the other hand, the WHO seems to be making attempts to cover up for China, ignoring the reports. The WHO will be presenting its report regarding the Coronavirus pandemic at the G-20 summit to be held in the United Kingdom. But the accusations are being made that the report focuses more on the spread of the pandemic around the world instead of going into the details of its possible source.

Ravindra Gupta, Clinical Microbiologist at the renowned Cambridge University, said that more investigation is necessary into the source of the Coronavirus, terming the report as incomplete. At the same time, Jesse Bloom of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre has endorsed the views expressed by Gupta. David Relman, Professor in the Microbiology department of Stanford University in the United States, said that the possibility that the Coronavirus spread from the laboratory by accident could not be dismissed, and more investigation is required into it.

Therefore, researchers don’t seem to be willing to accept the WHO report. Serious allegations have been levelled against the WHO of being partisan in favour of China. Former US President Donald Trump had accused that it was possible to contain the Coronavirus pandemic in time, but the necessary steps were not taken at the right time and the WHO failed in doing so. The European countries also had expressed displeasure over the pro-Chinese attitude of the WHO. Because of this new report, researchers are criticising that the source of the pandemic was not adequately investigated.

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, had accused that the Coronavirus pandemic is a biological war started by China. This criticism made by the Brazilian President, without mentioning names, had created quite a stir around the world. The Brazilian President pointed a finger at China, asking the question, ‘Which country’s GDP increased during the Coronavirus pandemic?’ Bolsonaro had said that militaries of all the countries in the world are aware that the biological and chemical war has started.

In 2015, Chinese military researchers and health experts had prepared a report titled ‘The Unnatural Origin of SARS and new species of Manmade Viruses and Bioweapons’. The plan to increase the Chinese influence worldwide by spreading a pandemic was presented in the report. This was recently reported by the Australian daily ‘The Australian’. After that, accusations are rife that the Coronavirus pandemic is a biological war started by China. Now, even former US military officials seem to be endorsing the accusation.

China has dismissed these accusations. At the same time, it is becoming evident that the WHO is assisting China in this matter. Especially, WHO Chief, Tedros Ghebreyesus, is believed to be a staunch supporter of China. It is accused that China was instrumental in him rising to the highest post in WHO. Accusations started from the onset of the pandemic that this is why the WHO published reports favouring China and trying to hide information against China.

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