China could outmatch the Western nations militarily: Canada’s Defence chief warns

Ottawa/Beijing: Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre, the Canadian Chief of Defence Staff, warned that ‘China has developed phenomenal military might, based on hypersonic technology, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. For the first time since the 1940s, a country has acquired military might on such a large scale. On the basis of it, China could even outmatch a front formed by the western countries.’ Furthermore, Lieutenant-General Eyre also said the growing might of China threatens even the US-led international system.  


The Canadian Army chief expressed concerns over the increasing Chinese defence expenditure in a hearing before the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence of the Canadian Parliament. ‘China is making huge investments to increase its military might. The capability attained through the investment will outmatch the western countries, in terms of both quality and quantity,’ Lieutenant-General Eyre warned. As he warned about the Chinese military capabilities, Lt. Gen. Eyre also criticised China’s expansionist policies.  

The Canadian Army chief accused the Chinese communist regime of forcing its aspirations on its neighbouring countries. Lieutenant-General Eyre also claimed that the rising Chinese military might and policies threaten the rules-based international system led by the United States. Lieutenant-General Eyre’s statements are believed to hint at Canada’s aggressive policies against China.  

For the last few years, Canada started taking aggressive decisions against China, like the United States. The arrest of the top executive of Chinese company Huawei & ban on the company, criticism against China over the Coronavirus issue, naval deployments in the South China Sea and the stance on the Uyghur atrocities all confirm it. Canada’s stance remains unchanged despite China trying to pressurise it, and the warning issued by the Army chief reaffirms this.  

A few months ago, Canada had fired salvos of criticism against China, adopting an aggressive stand during a NATO meeting. Reports also revealed that Canada is keen on joining the QUAD alliance, formed for countering China in the Indo-Pacific. The concept of converting the QUAD formed by India, the United States, Japan, and Australia into QUAD Plus with more countries is being considered. As per strategic analysts, Canada could be one of the new additions. 

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