New military campaign by Turkey in Syria: Turkish tanks march towards Aleppo

Beirut : The Turkish military initiated attacks on ‘Islamic State’ (IS) stations situated in the northern region of Syria. The IS also retaliated by firing rockets in the border-regions of Turkey. Against the backdrop of this conflict, the Turkish tanks and military vehicles have started marching towards Aleppo in large numbers. Therefore, after ‘Euphrates Shield’ operation, Turkey seems to have undertaken a new military campaign.


New military campaign in Turkey: Turkish Tanks march towards Aleppo

In the past 24 hours, the Turkish soldiers, alongwith 20 tanks and more than 12 military vehicles, have been marching towards Al-Rai city of Aleppo. The military convoy also includes the advanced ‘Leopard’ and ‘M60T’ tanks. These are used to completely reduce the enemy installations to ashes.

This indicates that Turkey has opened a bigger military front as compared to the last week’s operations.

The Turkish military, while marching towards ‘Al-Rai’ through the southern region of ‘Kilis’, has maintained the attacks on the IS locations en-route.  The attacks are being carried out with the help of the Turkish tanks deployed in the regions adjacent to the Syrian border, as well as the Turkish military vehicles entered in Syria.  

The attacks have caused widespread panic among the locals of ‘Al-Rai’ and the adjacent region and many have fled the area.

So far, there are no reports about any loss of life, but the attacks are being carried out to make way for ‘Free Syrian Army’ (FSA), a pro-Turkey Syrian rebels’ group, which has reached near Al-Rai. A rebel commander of ‘FSA’ informed that the Turkish military has initiated this operation to make the regions to the west of ‘Jarabulus’ and the areas adjoining Aleppo, free from IS.

New military campaign in Turkey: Turkish Tanks march towards Aleppo

Two weeks ago, the Turkish military initiated attacks on ‘Jarabulus’, the northern region of Syria. After a conflict that lasted for a week, Turkey announced that the ‘Euphrates Shield’ operation has been completed, after it wrested control of ‘Jarabulus’.

But Erdogan declared that the Turkish attacks in Syria will last until all the IS terrorists are finished. However, President Erdogan also said that the Turkish troops will not be stationed permanently in Syria. Against this backdrop, Turkey has started targeting the stations of IS at Jarabulus and Al-Rai.

The ‘FSA’ rebels were able to wrest control of some villages in ‘Al-Rai’ due to these attacks initiated by Turkey, informed a rebel member. On Sunday, the IS terrorists also, had launched rocket attacks in the border region of Turkey, after the Turkish attacks. The IS launched three rocket attacks in the Killis region of Turkey, reported a local daily.

Just as the Turkish military has reached Aleppo, a group of terrorists of the pro-Iran organization Hezbollah, has also entered Syria from Lebanon. Some time back also, to save the regime of the President Assad, the terrorists of Hezbollah had entered Damascus, the capital of Syria and Aleppo.  With their backing, the Syrian military is preparing a powerful assault against the IS in Aleppo.

At present, the half of Aleppo area is under the control of IS. The Syrian army has besieged the region of Aleppo to drive away IS and other allied rebel organisations from here.  Moreover, the Russian fighter planes are also launching attacks on the IS.

Now that the Turkish military is a also marching towards Aleppo, a fierce conflict seems to be on the way.

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