China increases air defences alleging threat from India

Beijing: China has increased its air defence capacity along its west border under the pretext of an alleged ‘threat from India’. The Chinese government media have informed that the ‘J-10’ and ‘J-11’ fighter jets are deployed in the region and have also released the photographs of the jets. Along with this, the Chinese defence experts seem to have started mentioning a ‘threat from India’ openly. Just as this report was being published, a fleet of Chinese destroyers had been deployed in the Indian Ocean. Therefore, China seems to have made aggressive preparations to pressurise India.

China-increases-air-security‘J-10’ and ‘J-11’ are the multirole fighter jets from the Chinese air force. China has reminded India about the deployment along its western border with India at an official level. Releasing this information against the backdrop of the Chinese New Year, China has made its intentions clear for the new year. Defence expert Song Zhongping claimed that the decision of this deployment by the defence forces was taken in view of the perceived threat from India. Also, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has published the photographs of these jets on their website.

The country’s media is indicating that China is planning to teach India a lesson for stopping the construction being carried out in ‘Doklam’ by the Chinese soldiers. The Chinese government media had claimed that it was India who retreated in Doklam. But, in reality China was shocked because of the firm stand taken by India on this front. China, restless with this stand, had even threatened India of war. The Chinese restlessness further increased as this did not have any effect on India. The western analysts had claimed that China had invited insult on the Doklam issue. But, now China seems to be preparing for a reply.

China has increased the pressure on India by declaring the deployment of ‘J-10’ and ‘J-11’ fighter jets in the ‘Western Theatre Command’ of the PLA. But. India is also preparing to reply to these Chinese movements. The Sukhoi ‘Su-30’ fighter jets took off from the Dehradun airport in Uttarakhand, which is adjacent to the Chinese border. This test flight was to check the possibility of using the civilian airport runways for fighter jets. This will add to the preparedness of the Indian air force near the Chinese border.

Meanwhile, as China is strengthening its air defence, it is also deployed a fleet of destroyers in the Indian Ocean. China is openly supporting the current President Abdulla in the Maldives political crisis and has sent its destroyer fleet to the Indian Ocean. The people of Maldives and its leaders are appealing to India for a military intervention. But, China has warned India not to intervene. In view of this, the deployment of the destroyers in the Indian Ocean can be considered as another Chinese warning to India.

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