Indian MEA S. Jaishankar holds talks with US special envoy

New Delhi: – Indian MEA S Jaishankar had held discussions with Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special envoy for Afghanistan, in Qatar. The foreign ministry revealed this information. Foreign Minister Jaishankar had taken a stopover at Qatar on his way to Kuwait. The foreign ministry announced the details of the meeting that was held in Doha at that time. Currently, the Taliban is forging ahead on the military front and will gain control over the entire country soon. In this scenario, it is being claimed that discussions are being held between India and the Taliban. Pakistani analysts had expressed concerns that this stopover of the Indian Foreign Minister was for the same purpose.   


Taliban was known as the terrorist organisation operating under the instructions of Pakistan. The military analysts in Pakistan are saying that the Taliban has become favourable for India, which is a dangerous development for Pakistan. Reports of talks between India and the Taliban had been published. But the Indian foreign ministry had not confirmed the reports. But the foreign ministry had said that discussions are being held with all the factions in Afghanistan. In this situation, Foreign Minister Jaishankar visited Kuwait and took a stopover twice in Qatar. At this time, he held discussions with US special envoy Khalilzad, at Doha, in Qatar.   

On Friday, the foreign ministry revealed the information regarding this. But the Pakistan media had already carried the reports of the Indian Foreign Minister’s visit to Qatar. The Pakistani analysts point out that Foreign Minister Jaishankar had taken a stopover in Qatar and the Taliban has its political office in Qatar. In the meantime, reports of talks starting between India and Taliban also had been published. As per the Pakistani analysts, this is not a mere coincidence. The Pakistani analysts are expressing fears that India is planning to corner Pakistan, opening a dialogue with Taliban.   

Back in the day, Pakistan had plotted to rule Afghanistan on the strength of Taliban and carry out anti-India activities from Afghan soil. But now the talks are that Pakistan has lost its grip over the Taliban. Therefore, the Pakistan military is in a state of panic; the Pakistani journalists claim that there is a significant threat from the Taliban itself to Pakistan. The United States has made preparations to use Pakistani airbases and the airspace to attacks Taliban. Pakistan is in no position to deny this to the United States. In that scenario, the Taliban will not stop short of teaching Pakistan a lesson. The Pakistani journalists are openly saying that if India assists the Taliban, it will spell doom for Pakistan. 

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