Israel’s ‘Fence System’ on Indo-Pak Border

New Delhi : Director General of Border Security Force (BSF), K.K. Sharma has informed that a fence system based on Israeli technology will be erected on the border of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

A large number of infiltration attempts are happening on the Pakistan border. The ‘Israel Fence System’ is equipped with CCTV cameras and other advanced technologies. With this, sitting in the control room, it will be possible to vigil the border even with less manpower. The smallest movement on the border can be captured by sitting in the control room, said Sharma.

Also, a special squad will be appointed to take fast actions once attempts of infiltration are noticed, said Sharma. Initially the ‘Israel Fence system’ will be erected on Pakistan border. Later, similar fence system will be erected on the Bangladesh border, BASF’s Director General informed.

I do not want more manpower, but need technology. I had told the Parliamentary committee to provide the finance for purchasing this technology. The government is responding positively to this proposal, said Sharma. The government had decided to implement the ’Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System’ (CIBMS), to prevent infiltration on the India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh border. The ‘Israel Fence System’ is a part of this CIBMS.

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