Indian MEA, S. Jaishankar visits Bangladesh

Dhaka: Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar is on a visit to Bangladesh. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is scheduled to visit Bangladesh on 26th March. Jaishankar clarified that his visit was to oversee preparations for the Prime Minister’s visit. Jaishankar expressed a wish that India and Bangladesh should bond well together, through infrastructure development, over the next two decades. The Indian Foreign Minister pointed out that at the same time, the countries in the Bay of Bengal can get Japanese assistance to fulfil their regional ambitions.

Indian MEA, S. Jaishankar visits Bangladesh50 years are being completed for the creation of Bangladesh. Prime Minister Modi will be visiting Bangladesh on 26th and 27th March to mark the occasion. Strong preparations have started for the visit, and Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar’s visit to Bangladesh is a precursor for the Prime Minister’s visit. The 50 years of cooperation between India and Bangladesh is behind us. Now the time has come to think of the next 20 years and fix the next objectives. India and Bangladesh need to hold each other tight through infrastructure development projects. Foreign Minister Jaishankar said both the countries should set this as the objective.

Bangladesh was at the centre of the Neighbours First policy of the Indian government. Bangladesh once again is at the centre of the Indian Act East policy. India considers Bangladesh a very important neighbour and partner. Jaishankar added that Bangladesh has a significant role in the Indo-Pacific sector. Jaishankar suggested that Japan can provide further momentum to this India-Bangladesh cooperation, as Japan is a friend of India and Bangladesh. Jaishankar expressed confidence that if tripartite cooperation can be established between India, Bangladesh and Japan, the face of Bay of Bengal will be completely changed.

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